A bit About me

Jim Shears

I was born in Birmingham in 1964 and moved to Glasgow to study. I graduated from the University of Glasgow with a degree in History. It was then that I began the quest to find what I really wanted to do with my life. Having decided I wanted to work with metal I was fortunate enough to meet an established Artist Blacksmith called Roddy McKerracher. He became my mentor for the next seven years until he died. Under his guidance I developed not only my technical skills but my appreciation of Art and Design. I have been working as an independent blacksmith since 2000 and have slowly developed my own particular style of work. All of my work is custom designed to enhance the environment in which it will stand. I love being in the forge and it doesn’t ever feel like work. If you are ever in the Gateside area please pop in for a coffee and a chat!


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